Categories to Apply / information:

Machine Readable Passport (Additional Requirements for Lost Passport)

In addition to required documents given in Fresh/Renewal/Modification of MRP, provide following documents as well:

  • Police Report in original
  • Duly signed lost passport report, on Mission's prescribed proforma.
    (Available at:
  • Lost passport fee applicable as per First lost and Second lost. See lost passport fee in MRP fee table.

* In case of lost Manual (hand written) Passport, verification would be sought from the relevant office from where lost passport was issued.

LOST Passport Processing Time

In case of a lost passport application, MRP shall only be delivered after the verification of the previous MRP/Manual passport from the concerned issuing authority in Pakistan or abroad, which may take a much longer than the time prescribed for issuance of fresh passport. The fee structure for lost passport is as follows:

No. of Times Lost


First Time Lost

Double Fee (with respect to the Passport's Category as mentioned above)

Second Time Lost


Quadruple Fee (with respect to the Passport's Category as mentioned above)

Third Time Lost

Pakistan's Mission Abroad will issue emergency passport for return to Pakistan under intimation to Directorate General Immigration & Passports.

In Pakistan, the case will be referred to Directorate General Immigration & Passports for further necessary action.