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Machine Readable Passport (Additional Requirement for Dual Nationals)

In addition to required documents given in Fresh/Renewal/Modification of MRP, provide following documents as well:

  • Original with two photo copies of CNIC/NICOP, Pakistani Passport and Australian Passport are required.
  • Australian passport along with its photocopy
  • To claim dual nationality, verification of valid Pakistani address is required.
    provide valid Pakistani residential address on dual national Proforma given below (if the residential address on NICOP or CNIC is no longer valid than your verification may be delayed due to incorrect address). After applying, the given address is verified by the local verification team in Pakistan. Also keep handy the copies (at the Pakistani address) of Pakistani as well as Foreign Passports and of CNIC of self and family members, as they may be required by visiting team in Pakistan during verification.
  • Download and submit duly signed complete Dual National Proforma (Available at:
  • Holder of Protection visa in possession of travel document may send the email and seek prior instruction before visiting Pakistan High Commission or Consulate General of Pakistan Sydney (See Email).