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Machine Readable Passport (FAQ)

Married female applicants

Applicants are required to provide original CNIC/NICOP which should have their husband name. They would otherwise be required to first get their CNIC/NICOP modified in accordance with their marital status before applying for MRP. In case of divorces, same procedure of modification in CNIC/NICOP for substituting father's name for husband name.

Name Spellings

Applicant applying in new category (first time MRP after manual passport) OR modifying name spelling etc, must read carefully DATA FORM specially name spellings. After signing declaration in data form, applicant shall be responsible for any mistake and shall repeat the whole process and pay full fee again.

Sur Name / Family Name

If the applicant does not have a Sur name or family name i.e Shaheer Mohammad, to modify or add his/her Sur/family name (like Mohammad), he/she may need to modify his/her CNIC/NICOP first like Shaheer Mohammad so as to get the modified name printed in the passport.

Change of NAME Sequence

Incase applicant name is Muhammad Omer Kiyani in Cnic/Nicop/Form B, His/her name shall be automatically split by NADRA/MRP system as First Name: Muhammad Omer, Last name/Surname: Kiyani. In case, applicant likes to change sequence/order of his/her name. He must inform the passport officer for relevant change, at time of passport application processing. Otherwise, applicant shall be held responsible for that and his name order shall be change after repeating whole MRP application process and paying relevant fee.

Change of Place of birth

For those wishing to change his/her place of birth he/she first have to get the place/date of birth modified in NADRA before applying for MRP.

Child Endorsement on MRP

Machine Readable Passport (MRP) is issued in conformity with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. According to the ICAO standards child endorsement is not allowed on parent's passport. Therefore child endorsement will not be done on the parents MRP and children will be issued separate MRPs.